Alternative Energy in Europe Wins Again with the New London Offshore Wind Array

July 4th was not just America’s birthday, but also the day Prime Minister Cameron (London), cut the ribbon for the opening of the world’s current largest offshore wind farm.  

According to an article in the Guardian:

The “London Array is the first major green power scheme to be inaugurated by Cameron since he took office in 2010."

According to the same article, "the move will be seen as politically significant given the opposition renewable energy projects have faced from some Conservative backbenchers. Industry sources welcomed Cameron's decision to attend the event, arguing that it sends a signal to green energy investors that Number 10 remains committed to driving clean energy investment."

Bravo Mr. Cameron!

Rather just for his political career or not, at least he is backing the alternative energy revolution.

But lets let Minister Cameron speak for himself:

"This is a great day for Britain and a big win for renewable energy. [The] London Array shows you can build large scale renewable energy projects right here in Britain. This is because when it comes to clean energy, the UK has one of the clearest investment climates globally".

Why Cant America Keep Up?

As an American, it is a little ironic that this historical wind energy event should happen on the 4th of July. 

The reason I say that is because this is another example of Europe proving (at least for right now) they are by far the leaders in alternative energy innovation and implementation.

Right now, America still doesn’t have one offshore wind farm in its oceans.

For the past decade the Cape Wind Project has been hurdling through legal barriers set up by a government that doesn’t seem very concerned with alternative energy production. 

Cape wind is projected to begin this year, but I am not holding my breath! 

But, I will cross my fingers and hope America starts to catch up with Europe in its energy policies and implementation of off shore wind energy.

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