Biomass Renewable Energy: The New Seaweed Invention

Environmental scientists are hard at work finding new ways to generate biomass renewable energy at universities across the planet.

Their dedication has generated some fascinating and creative inventions that are helping lead the fight for a healthy, clean environment.

A new system of algae removal and treatment has just opened the door to a brand new biomass energy resource.

Thanks to the hard work of a research group from the University of Alicante (Spain), humanity now as a cheaper, more efficient, and environmentally safe method of utilizing seaweed. 

Seaweed in New Zealand

The new method uses a moving platform with wheels where three hoppers are installed.

The first hopper is loaded with wet seaweed with sand attached.

Seawater is then pumped in and poured back into the sea dragging the sand with it.

In the second hopper, water purified with a solar energy device washes residual salt from the algae.  

The processed seaweed is then loaded onto the third hopper, where it is dried with air heated from solar energy.

The new 2nd generation biomass renewable energy source is then crushed into bales or pellets, and then sold to bio ethanol research companies.  

All this is great news for you and the environment!  

Because using the old method of extracting seaweed required the extraction of large amounts of sand from your beaches that had to be replaced every time. 

The new seaweed extraction method is not just important for bioethanol research, but also for many other everyday industries you may not even think to consider. 

Seaweed is used in a variety of everyday and industrial products, such as:

  •          Fertilizer
  •          Compost for Landscaping
  •          Erosion fighting beach dunes
  •          Cosmetics
  •          Paint

  •          Toothpaste
  •          Paper Coating
  •          Adhesives
  •          Dyes
  •          Gels
  •          Explosives
  •          Paper Sizing
  •          Textile Printing
  •          Hydro mulching and drilling

Once this new biomass energy method is fully established as the new benchmark for seaweed extraction, costs for these items should drop. 

Furthermore, governments and industry leaders are pumping large amounts of funding into 2nd generation biomass technologies.

Making this latest discovery just one of many humanity can look forward to benefiting from.

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