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The new ford electric car is catching to eyes of penny pinchers and hard core environmentalists every where!

Come learn about Ford's green future here:

Ford's Sustainable Turnaround!

The newest Tesla all electric vehicles are blowing the competition out of the market!

With the furthest driving distance available on a single charge, and their evolving super charger network, Tesla is being hailed as the go to company for EVs!

Check more out here:

The Tesla S and its Electrifying Success!


The Tesla Super Charger Network!

Come read about four hot new models of 2013!

Its a great time to be alive, and EVs are in your corner!

Read more here:

Four New all electric cars for 2013!

Ten Reasons the i-miev is the right car for you!

Read more here:

Ten Reasons the i is Your Car!


The 2013 Compact i


The Incredible CA-MiEV

If you already own a EV, then please share you experience with the green community!

Share Here:

Your First Electric Vehicle!

GEM offer some great residential and work EVs!

They are small, sturdy, and super functional!

Read all about them here:

Three Utility GEM EVs!


Three GEM Models that Are Cleaning Up the Environment!

The new Honda Fit EV is making a huge splash on the market place!

Affordable, well equiped, with nice travel range, the Fit is a serious competitor in the EV market!

Read more here:

The Honda EV Fit!

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