Your First Electric Car: Share Your Experience

If you have purchased, or plan to purchase your first electric car, how about sharing your experience with others.  Rather good, or bad (I certainly hope mostly good), share it all with us.

Naysayer publications like carandriver have made the declaration that electric cars will never be more than “niche vehicles.” 

In other words, they do not believe that electric cars will ever be accepted on a nationwide scale due to the lack of distance they can travel (which is only getting better with each new technological leap forward.)

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And for right now, they are correct that your first electric car will not be capable of the distance that a gasoline fueled car can provide.  But, to write off EVs as though they are just some trendy fab is ecologically irresponsible.

Electric cars are playing a vital role in the evolution to a sustainable tomorrow.  By implementing EVs into your life, you will quickly start cutting back on gas emissions.  Not to mention the amount of money that you will save over the long haul by not having to depend on inflationary oil for your local driving needs.

According to Professor Walter F. Deal, the Leader of Technology Education and Industrial Technology Programs at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA:

“The future for electric cars seems to be very bright at this time. There is considerable interest in electric and hybrid cars because of environmental and climate-change concerns, tougher fuel efficiency standards, and increasing dependence on imported oil.”

Professor Deal went on to say:

“With emphasis being placed on plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles, there will be a corresponding demand for infrastructure to support these new transportation technologies. Much the same as we have gasoline and service stations to cater to the needs of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles, we can expect to see convenient EV charging stations to be constructed to support electric vehicles.”

“Continued research into the design and production of high-energy batteries and electric motors will improve the performance and outlook for electric vehicles. As demand for electric vehicles increases and production follows, it can be expected that vehicle prices will fall.”

In other words, as EV technology continues to evolve and adapt to our needs and desires, the demand for a person to get their first electric car will continue to rise. This will bring green jobs to communities across the nation, and bring the current prices (which are not even that bad!), down even more.

And even as you read this article, Tesla is constructing their "Super Charger Network" all over the nation (Read Tesla S and its Electrifying Success)

So the evidence indicates that EV technology is only growing, and steadily adpating to the needs of the green consumer. 

Source for quotations: Academic Journal Technology and Engineering Teacher

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