Jobs in Wind Energy: Rural America is the Place to Be

If you are looking for jobs in wind energy, then rural America is the place to be. Companies like E.ON Climate and Renewables are marching forward with a number of wind projects.

E.ON is the largest investor in the North American wind market.  In just the past four years they have gone from 0 to more than 2500 MWs of electricity generation.  They currently boast 18 wind farms all over North America.

Wind has Created 75, 000 Jobs for Rural America

E.ON has invested over 10 billion dollars in alternative energy projects, and has pledged another 9 billion for renewable energy investment over the next 5 years.

In 2012, they built three wind farms and had them operating before the year was over.  The 200 MW Magic Valley Wind Farm in Willacy County, TX began operations last September.   

Over in Kinney County, TX they have a wind farm that can generate 100 MWs of electricity.  It went online last just last December.

Or if Texas isn’t the right spot for you, may be consider applying to the Wild Cat Wind Farm in Tipson and Madison counties, Indiana.  The Wild Cat Wind Farm cost over 400 million dollars, and generates 200 MW of clean electricity.

Together, the wind farms mentioned above have created 600 jobs in wind energy.  The operation and management of the farms will create at least another 30 permanent clean energy jobs.

And just to add to the good news, these wind farms create electricity for more than 150,000 homes, adding 1 billion dollars to the local economies.

According to E.ON CEO Steve Trenholm:

“Wind farms create jobs, and provide an economic shot in the arm to farmers, ranchers, and rural communities across America”

And there is no doubt that he is correct. The Wind industry has invested over 60 billion dollars in the last four years, creating 75,000 jobs for homeland America.  

Thanks to incentives like the Production Tax Credit (PTC), the wind industry has been able to grow by leaps and bounds the past few years, and will continue to expand.


How to Prepare For Jobs in Wind Energy

If you want to get a great position in the wind industry, then you should consider the Ecotech Institute in Colorado.  They offer an Associate in Applied Science degree that is focused on prepping you for a career in wind energy.

They are currently the only accredited alternative energy college in North America, and have a 100 percent job placement rate.

Do You have What it Takes?

If any of the following applies to you, then you may be ready to begin a journey into a wind energy career:

  •     love working outdoors
  •     want to help develop cleaner, more sustainable energy
  •     are interested in working on mechanical devices
  •     enjoy math and science
  •     like working with power tools to assemble, repair or install

If you fit the description, then what is stopping you? Strap on your boots and help the earth, the wind industry is waiting for you.


Main source for Article: E2’s Clean Energy Jobs Reports Q2 2013

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