The Mitsubishi Electric Car: The 2013 Compact i-MiEV

The first Mitsubishi electric car was the 2009 compact i-MiEV. Mitsubishi Motors starting selling the i- MiEV to retail customers in the summer of 2009, a year ahead of schedule.

Mitsubishi had originally planned to start leasing the all-electric vehicle to businesses and municipalities in the summer of 2009 and wait until 2010 for the retail launch. 

But, due to consumer demand, the company decided the time was right to unleash their new all electric car.

2013 i-MiEV

Photo By skinnylawyer (Rachel So)

i-MiEV Overview

The hot little i-MiEV is a five-door hatchback all electric car produced by Mitsubishi Motors.

The i-MiEV is also sold in Europe rebranded by PSA Peugeot Citroën (PSA) as the Peugeot iOn and Citroën C-Zero.


The i-MiEV was launched for fleet customers in Japan in July 2009, and on April 1, 2010, for the wider public.

International sales to Asia, Australia and Europe started in 2010, with further markets opening up in 2011, including Central and South America.

Fleet and retail customer deliveries of the new Mitsubishi electric car in the U.S. and Canada began in December 2011. 

The American-only version, called "i", is larger than the Japanese Mitsubishi electric car and has several additional features.

The i-MiEV all-electric range is 100 miles on the Japanese test cycle.

The range for the 2013 model year American version is 62 miles according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's standards.

i-MiEV Reception

In November 2011 the Mitsubishi i ranked first in EPA’s 2012 Annual Fuel Economy Guide, and became the most fuel efficient EPA certified vehicle in the U.S. for any fuel, until it was surpassed by the Honda Fit EV in June 2012.

As of December 2012, more than 22,000 i-MiEV family vehicles have been sold worldwide.

Leading markets include:

  •          Europe: 5, 017 Peugeot ions, 4, 977 Citroen C Zeros, and 4, 244 i-MiEVs sold.
  •          Japan: 7, 2333 i-MiEVs sold. 

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