Mitsubishi Electric Car: The i-MiEV and the Coming of the Incredible CA-MiEV

The Mitsubishi electric car, the i-MiEV, is an excellent start for the car company’s quest for a strong standing in the electric car market.

Starting at less than 30,000 dollars and with a range of 126 miles in the city/99 on the highway on a single charge:

The i is one of the cheapest and most efficient electric cars on the market today.


Photo by Mg3141591/Dreamstine

It has its draw backs of course, such as less travel range than its main competitor, the Nissan Leaf. 

But overall, the i has passed the review stage with a pretty good grade from publications that can be a bit harsh and critical when discussing electric cars.

For example, caranddriver had this to say about the i:

“It’s easy to confuse weird with bad. The Mitsubishi i is weird. It looks like a computer mouse. It has windshield wipers that resemble Ultraman’s arms in attack mode…But despite being weird, the i isn’t bad.” 

The Mitsubishi Electric Car Future: The CA-MiEV

The Mitsubishi electric car seems set on evolving into a serious competitor in the EV market. 

The new CA-MiEV is still in the conceptual stage of development, but should be available for mass production in the next few years. 

According to greencarreports, the new electric CA-MiEV will have class leading aerodynamics and high-density lithium-ion batteries that will offer a travel range of up to 186 miles on a single charge, which would crush the current competition into dust.

According to the same article, the CA-MiEV will have magnetic resonance wireless charging technology. 

Mitsubishi plans to partner with WiTricity, and have been testing the technology since 2011.  

The CA-MiEV will also feature automatic emailing in case of theft, automatic calls in an accident, remote starting of the car, map transfer between phone and car, and remote energy monitoring and pre-heating.

With so much competition in the electric car market, both the consumer and nature are going to benefit greatly. 

It is an exciting time to live. 

We are watching our species evolve via alternative energy science and technology, in a way that is going to produce a cleaner and sustainable tomorrow. 

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