Solar Electric Cars: How America Nano Solar Technology Companies Can’t Get the Job Done

For those of us that are looking forward to the days when solar electric cars rule the streets, there is some bad news to face. 

The promises of using Nano technology to create solar cells have hit a serious rough patch.

Although nano solar technology is very promising, thus far we have seen many hopeful and well-funded American Nano start-ups struggle to make any head way in the solar energy market. 

Companies like Nanosolar, which patented a method of printing Nano thin solar cells, is now facing a possible sell off of the company to Asian manufacturers.

According to greentechmedia, Nanosolar laid off 75 percent of their staff with only 60 days’ pay this year.  According to a source speaking under anonymity with greentechmedia, there are 40 to 50 people remaining at the firm while investors and management seek an Asian firm to buy out the company.

This is very disappointing news for those us that want to see solar energy being used to power electric cars. 

Dreams of solar cell paint that could charge your EV on the go, are now being put on hold due to the inability of American Nano solar cell companies to “keep it together.”

And Nanosolar isn’t the only American company that can’t seem to cut the mustard. 

According to an article published by technologyreview, another Nano solar company, Miasole, sold at a huge loss to a Chinese energy company called Hanergy Holdings.

According to the same article, Hanergy Holdings also purchased the solar Nano start-up Solibro from QCells in Germany. 

If that were not enough bad news for the American solar industry, Asian companies now have their eye on buying off Texas based solar Nano company Heliovolt. 

But don’t lose hope alternative energy lovers!

Just because the American companies have failed, does not mean the Asian companies will not prevail. 

So keep looking forward to the day that Nano technology makes solar electric car charging as simple as laying down a beautiful coating of Nano solar paint!

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