Solar Energy for Kids: Top 4 Solar Experiment Kits and Books!

If you are trying to get your kids interested in solar energy, then bravo! Pat yourself on the back for being a caring parent…

And be happy that there are plenty of different ways to introduce solar energy for kids!

Here is a list of different solar energy books and science experiment kits that will give your child the green education he or she needs.

Elenco Snap Circuits

Your kids are our future, and so is alternative energy!  So give your kids what they need to be prepared for the green economy. 

Elenco Snap Circuits give your future eco scientist hands on experience in how to create things like:

  • electronic circuits and devices
  • hand crank
  • solar cells
  • FM Radio
  • Energy Compartment
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wind Mill
  • Clock
  • Analog Meter

Thames & Kosmos Solar Power

With the famed Thames & Kosmos solar energy for kid’s kit, learning the power of the sun never got more fun!

Your kid will have the chance to build their own solar energy models, while discovering how solar cells work.

They will get to build six solar projects:

  • Locomotive
  • Single-prop plane
  • Bulldozer
  • Helicopter
  • Backhoe
  • Twin-rotor helicopter


American Educational Basic Solar Kit

Looking for a basic solar energy for kids kit? If you said yes, then great!....

Because the American Educational Basic Solar Kit is an easy way to teach your kids about solar energy.

The experiments are simple, and demonstrate how to convert sun rays into electricity.

The kit comes with a 400 mA solar cell, leads, motor, propeller, and instructions.

The Kids' Solar Energy Book: Even Grown-Ups Can Understand

Here is solar energy kid's book that even you can enjoy!

Appealing cartoons, filled with engaging characters will take your child down the solar energy learning path…

All the fun goes down in a fictional classroom where the kids learn about things like:

  • Active Systems
  • Passive Solar
  • Conversion of sun rays into electricity

All this fun is wrapped up in a very humorous plot that will have your kid begging for more!

So don't wait a second longer, turn your kids onto solar energy using one of these eco friendly books or kits!

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