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With all the worries America is facing right now, some good news seems to be the order for this beautiful Saturday.  A new study released by The Solar Energy Association (SEIA) outlines a way the private sector can create over 50,000 new jobs in America.  All while saving 61 BILLION bucks in future energy costs by using innovative, cost effective solar heating and cooling (SHC) systems throughout the nation.

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Local municipalities are using solar power alternative energy initiatives to help bring about eco consciousness, and economic growth in cities across the planet.  From ecofriendly transportation services to efficient waste management practices, green fever is hitting towns everywhere!

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China’s solar energy market looks like it is about to take a massive leap forward at the end of 2013. 

Policies at all levels of Chinese government indicate that serious growth is a real possibility by the end of the year, as a number of projects are completed.

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Save Money with A Solar Hot Water!

Solar hot water can save you up to 80% off your water bill!

Read this article to find out more:

Solar Powered Hot Water!

Learn how to convert the energy of the sun into power for your home using a diy solar energy inverter!

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Its Inverter Time!

How would you like to get free solar panels for your home?

With feed-in tariffs, that is now a real possibility!

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Free Solar Panel Via the Feed-in Tariff!

A Home Solar Energy System will save your family a ton of money!

Learn all about it here:

Power Your Home With Solar!

The world is evolving away from nonrewneables at a very fast pace!

Learn all about how PV cells are driving this rapid green evolution!

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The PV Cell Evolution!

Ever wonder what it takes to get off the electric grid?

This article covers it all!

Learn how solar, and other methods are used to help you live a sustainable, independent life style!

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Going Off Grid With Solar!

Read to learn all about PV cells and their many different applications?

Get ready to dig into the world of solar technology by reading:

PV Cells and Their Many Different Applications!

Come learn about solar electric cars!

Find out all the fascinating happenings in the world of nano solar technology!

One day you will be able to lay a thin coat of solar paint to charge your electric engine!

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Solar Electric Cars!

Are you seeking a career in renewable energy?

Well, we have found the school for you!

The first accredited alternative energy college, Eco Tech Institute, delivers high demand green energy degrees!

Begin your journey here:

Eco Tech Institute Delivers!

Learn how solar energy helps you live a sustainable existence!

Its never been easier to be kind to the enviroment and your wallet than right now!

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Solar Sustainability!

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