Solar Heating and Cooling: The New Road Map for Solar Success in America!

With all the worries America is facing right now, some good news seems to be the order for this beautiful Saturday.  A new study released by The Solar Energy Association (SEIA) outlines a way the private sector can create over 50,000 new jobs in America.  All while saving 61 BILLION bucks in future energy costs by using innovative, cost effective solar heating and cooling (SHC) systems throughout the nation.

The study was created by BEAM Engineering, which is a Boston based consulting firm that focuses on energy system design and implementation.  This new study is a one of a kind, and a road map for solar success in America.  The plan would increase SHC capacity in the US from 9 GW thermal to 300 GW thermal by 2050 via 100 new SHC solar systems that would be installed around the country.

Just to note, thermal energy is normally measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs), but can be converted to watts.

Currently 44 percent of American energy consumption comes from heating and cooling.  According to BEAM Engineering, the installation of the new SHC systems would create 8 percent of the country's total heating and cooling needs by using clean solar energy. SHC systems are the most efficient alternative energy for the generation of thermal heat, and only cost around 6 cents per kWh.  

According to the report, the solar heating and cooling systems would also play a huge role in helping the environment as well. The SHC systems would be able to rid our atmosphere of 226 million tons of carbon emissions every year…. This is about the same as removing 47 million automobiles from the roads!

On top of the tens of thousands of jobs this new SHC solar road map would create, BEAM Engineering outlined a number of other major positives including:


  •   Saving $19.1 billion for homeowners, businesses, schools and government by deferring the need for electric and natural gas infrastructure expansion and repairs
  •    Raising $2.1 billion annually in increased federal tax revenue through job creation and economic growth
  •    Increasing America’s annual manufacturing GDP by $1.4 billion


So, the bottom line for America is this: if you want new jobs and economic growth, then here is a great step towards that goal! It’s time to start mailing and calling your politicians, and letting them know about the tremendous advantages of using this new SHC solar plan.

Let them know enough is enough in regards to the petty political party bickering, and demand REAL results, not just a bunch of talk, talk, talk…

We have at our figure tips solar heating and cooling technology that could literally change the way our nation consumes energy, and government investment would go a long way in helping to see the dream of a renewable energy America come true.

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