The China Solar Panel Market Shaking Things up at Home and Abroad

There is some hot action happening in the Chinese solar energy community. 

According to Bloomberg News, the Chinese solar power manufacturer Risen Energy, plans to develop 100 megawatts of solar power farms in cooperation with China General Nuclear Power Group.

According to Risen Energy, the solar farms will be built in China’s Ningbo city and Hubei and Jiangxi provinces.

In other news, according to Matthew Dalton of the Wall street Journal:

“Talks on resolving a multimillion-dollar trade dispute between the European Union and China over solar panels have reached an impasse, EU officials said, with a deadline looming that would see EU import tariffs on solar energy gear spike, raising the threat that Beijing would retaliate with tariffs on European goods.”

According to Dalton, the talks were meant to avoid a possible trade war between the EU and China.

The problem seems to be that the massive drop in the prices of solar energy products in the past few years has caused problems for a number of major solar companies, both in the EU and China.

The EU officials are blaming China for what they call “price dumping”, meaning the Chinese companies flooded the EU solar energy market with much cheaper solar panels. 

China currently controls about 80% of the EU solar market as it stands now.

For the average consumer, this competition couldn’t be better though. 

For us it means less expensive solar energy products. 

This in turn means, the alternative energy revolution will continue to grow and prosper.  

So it’s a headache for the EU companies trying to compete with China, but great news for us everyday consumers.

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