Solar Power Alternative Energy: Cali Leads the Way!

With all the worries in the world today, it’s nice to have some good news to report.  A new law was just passed in California that is going to lower electricity costs and create more incentive to use solar power alternative energy.

The California state legislature just passed the new energy legislation.  The bill, AB 327, is on its way to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk. It passed the state Senate with a vote of 33-5.

California evidently has 5 eco hating law makers in its midst!

But, back to the good news:

The bill removes the "cap" from California's renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS).

California law already requires power companies to generate 33 percent of their electricity from alternative energy sources. AB 327 will allow the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to raise that percentage without the need for legislative action.

According to the CEO of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA):

 "This is a banner day in California. Once again, state lawmakers have set the bar high when it comes to the adoption of renewable energy.  AB 327 provides a clear pathway for the continued growth of solar generation in California, which ranks No. 1 in the nation in total installed solar capacity with 3,761 MW"

The bill allows for adjustments to the state's net metering program, which lets customers who generate their own electricity with solar power alternative energy to be compensated for energy that flows back onto the grid.

The bill would allow the CPUC to redesign utility billing rates, potentially cutting monthly bills for costumers that live in the hotter parts of California. Electric companies, such as Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE) will now collectively bargain between themselves for sought-after billing changes.

California also just passed SB 4. The new law requires energy companies to publicly release information regarding  the chemicals used in hydraulic fracking, and requires permits for fracking and acidizing, which are techniques used to extract oil from shale rock deposits like California's Montgomery Shale reserves.

Once again “good old Cali” leads the way in the solar power alternative energy evolution.

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