supply solar water heaters

by greensunxu

Our factory ( are providing fine quality solar hot water heating systems to our esteemed customers. These are provided at industry leading rates and use solar energy for heating water, thus saving a high amount of electricity . We offer these systems in different specifications, sizes, shapes and they are able to facilitate the availability of hot water,even on days that are partly cloudy. We use unique technology and offer timely supplies.

Solar products supermarkets in our company as follows:

1. heat water engineering
A. Solar collector with vacuum tube
50 vacuum tubes (25 vacuum tubes on each side). This is an un-pressurized system, that is, water will come out when any vacuum tubes are broken.

B. Solar collector with heat pipe
24 vacuum tubes with copper heat pipe. This one transfers solar radiation to heat transfer fluid inside the copper heat pipe. The heat transfer fluid then heats up the water.
This is a pressurized system.
2. Flat panel solar collector
A. Type 70/80 Blue titanium/Black Chrome/ Anodic oxidation flat panel solar collector for engineer project
B. Compact flat solar water heater
(Capacity:150L ,150L ,200L ,250L,300L)
C. Flat Plate Solar Water Heater System For Villa
D. Flat Plate Solar Water Heater System for Balcony
3. Integrate pressurized solar water heater with heat pipe
4.Close loop thermosiphon system(Pressurized pre-heat solar water
heater with copper coil )
5 Thermosiphon solar water heater (Non-pressurized)
6. Split pressurized water tank
7. Solar components(for example: pipeline working station system, three
target tube, Links and valves, accessories)

We are looking forward to receiving your order as soon as possible.
To know more about our corporation, kindly visit our website:
Please kindly check and revert at your earliest.
Yours faithfuly,
GM Assistant & Marketing Director

Jiangsu Dr. Xia Solar Energy Inc.
2th Henluo Road Henlin Town Changzhou City Jiangsu Province China
Tel:0086-0519-69996826 Fax:0086-0519-88233037
Skype name:greensunxu
also manufactures products for other companies, according to their specifications (OEM).

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