What is Geothermal Energy and How It Can Work For You

What is geothermal energy?

Simply put, geothermal energy is heat that is stored in the earth.

The way this works is that during the spring and summer heat is collected below the earth’s crust. 

During fall and winter the earth’s surface (or crust) will begin to cool, but the heat collected below the surface will remain the same. 

The temperature below the crust will maintain an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (69 degrees Fahrenheit) all year round.

What is geothermal Energy

What this Means for You

The way geothermal energy works for you is that you can tap into this source of heat for use at your home or business.  The way this works is pretty simple. 

A large hole is dug underneath your home and a series of pipes are installed.  A special heat collecting fluid is circulated through the pipes.  During the winter the fluid absorbs the heat from the earth, and pushes it up through the pipes and into your home.

In the summer time the method is reversed. This time the heat inside the house is collected into the pipes and is pushed just below the crust to be stored till winter.

See Geothermal Heating

Using geothermal energy has some excellent benefits that come with it:

  •          Cheaper heating bill
  •          Use less energy
  •          Easily save 80% on your heating bill

You can also feel great about yourself, because you are also helping to cut back on fossil fuel use.  Fossil fuels from the earth carry a mixture of gases, such as:

  •          Carbon dioxide
  •          Hydrogen sulfide
  •          Methane
  •         Ammonia

These pollutants contribute to global warming, acid rain, and many other environmental problems. But even the largest of the industrial geothermal plants only produce a fraction of pollutants that fossil fuels create.

Environmental Postives:

  •          Doesn’t rely on fossil fuels
  •          Lowers greenhouse emissions


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