The Innovators: Leading Wind Energy Companies around the Globe

Innovations in wind power are encouraging wind energy companies around the world to embrace the power of wind and harness it in ever more reliable and cost-effective ways. 

While wind farms are now sprouting up in the developing world in places like Latin America and Africa, wind technologies have more support than ever in nations like the U.S., Germany, and Spain.

The following wind power companies have become revered throughout the alternative energy industry and are leading the way when it comes to significant strides in the race to reach a more sustainable future based on clean, renewable energies.

Innovations in wind energy are leading the world in a better direction.  The companies behind the the most cutting edge wind power research and development are earth friendly companies creating jobs in wind energy. 

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Jobs In Wind Energy

Vestas, Denmark

Regarded as the largest wind energy and wind turbine company in the world, Vestas has plants in many locations around the globe including Denmark, Sweden, UK, Romania, China, and the U.S. 

The company has been a pioneer in the wind energy field since 1979.  While the company, not surprisingly, is involved in many programs and research projects, it made recent headlines when it helped deploy a floating wind turbine off the Portuguese coast. 

In other news, Vestas won a $1.5 million prize in Abu Dhabi winning the Zayed Future Energy Prize for its work in wind energy. 

Sinovel Wind Group, China

This wind energy company has been in the headlines for some interesting developments. 

Not only was Sinovel listed as a top ten wind energy company back in 2010 in terms of market share, it produced China’s first 6 MW wind turbine a year later. 

The unveiling of the turbine put Sinovel on par with some of Europe’s leading wind energy companies. 

In April of 2013, Sinovel made headlines because “it is moving into wind farm construction and has won approval to build projects totaling 300MW,” according to Wind Power Monthly

Between farm construction and the manufacture of wind turbines for both domestic and international customers, this company earned its place as a wind energy leader to watch. 

Acciona Energy, Spain

As one of the world’s leading wind power developers and operators, Acciona Energy is committed to various forms of renewable energy, but its wind power platform is commanding attention. 

Through its proprietary technologies and wind turbines, this wind energy company is making milestones in countries like the U.S.

Quad-City Business Journal reported that just last year Acciona marked “the completion of the company’s first AW3000 wind turbine on American soil." 

According to the company’s website, it is responsible for “3% of the wind power capacity installed in the world.” 

Their trusted name in the industry has them building wind farms all over the world. 

GE Energy, United States

GE, of course, is an easily recognized name in the energy industry, but its progress in wind is helping to transform it into a world leader as a wind energy company. 

According to its website, “GE Energy’s current product portfolio includes wind turbines with rated capacities ranging from 1.5 MW–4.1 MW and support services extending from development assistance to operation and maintenance."

Their cutting edge work involves outfitting powerful wind turbines with battery software applications and the “production of the world’s most efficient high-output wind turbine.”


According to the Wind Energy Foundation, “the wind industry installed more than 44,000 megawatts (MW) of new clean, reliable wind power in 2012, bringing total installed global capacity to more than 280,000 MW." 

Wind companies like the ones presented here are leading the way when it comes to viable wind energy solutions. 

They are making certain that wind remains a major component of the world’s sustainable energy future.

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