Wind Energy Corporation: Samsung Makes World's Largest Wind Generator!

The offshore wind energy corporation community has a new leader!  Samsung Heavy Industries launched its wind energy company, which is unmatched by its closest competitors.  They have an operational and technological sophistication that is unparalleled.

Samsung has long been a leader in shipbuilding, and was able to adapt that expertise to create new wind energy blade technology, new motors, and control systems. 

Samsung’s wind technology consists of 2.5MW inland wind turbines, cold resistant generators, and the new 7MW offshore wind generators.  These improved technologies have gained worldwide attention from power companies, due to their 10 percent higher efficiency rating, compared to any other wind energy corporation. The Samsung wind technology also boasts life cycles that are five years longer than any other company!

Samsung has received high praise for its commercial operation rate, which is over 97 percent!

Offshore in Fife, Scotland

Over in Scotland, the new S7.0-171 off shore wind turbine is the largest on the planet.  It generates 7 MWs of clean electricity, and stands at a dizzying 196 meters tall.  It is 20 meters off the coast of Fife, Scotland, and includes a pleasant walk way that connects visitors with the structure.

The public body Scottish Enterprise has given Samsung £6.04 million in funding for the mighty 7 MW offshore wind farm. It’s all being conducted at Scotland’s Fife Energy park, which is the country’s number one alternative energy manufacturing and research center.

The Scottish Enterprise grant was combined with the £100 million that Samsung had already invested in the wind project.

According to Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable growth John Swinney:


“Today’s announcement marks a significant step forward in establishing a globally competitive supply chain for the offshore wind industry,” said Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable growth John Swinney.


“This development will utilize newly developed technologies which have not yet been deployed offshore – further confirming Scotland’s commitment to innovation in the offshore wind production sector.”

According to Chan Hee Son, UK Project Manager for Samsung’s wind energy corporation:


“This announcement is a major step forward in our plans to develop our latest offshore wind technology in Scotland and is a real testament to the Scottish Government’s support of the Offshore Wind Energy Industry”

According to Lena Wilson, chief executive of Scottish Enterprise:

“Samsung Heavy Industries’ plans along with that of other key international players in the sector are testaments to Scotland’s growing reputation as a leading global location for the next generation of offshore wind energy….  The success of companies in Scotland in securing business from Samsung shows we’re building a strong supply chain – which is critical.”

All the funding comes from Prototyping for Offshore Wind Energy Renewables Scotland (POWERS), and “offers funding to support the capital costs associated with the full scale production of next generation wind turbine prototypes in Scotland.”

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