The Global Wind Energy Generation: Here and Happening

Every generation has its challenges to overcome. 

Our generation is no different. 

Dwindling fossil fuels, over population, climate change, and other environmental issues have the entire planet thinking differently about how we as both individuals and nationalities can work together to increase global ecological sustainability.

We could use a lot of different words to coin our generation, but since wind energy is leading the alternative energy front, everyone reading this can proudly call themselves a member of Generation Wind. 

This modern wind energy generation is full of environmentalists, individualists, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and people just like you that think wind energy is a great idea for humanity to embrace.  

Wind Energy Generation Family

All over the planet wind projects are being implemented on historical scales. 

All over, people are waking up to the amazing benefits of alternative energy via wind power. 

From America, Europe,  and even China, governments are working closely with private wind companies to build and implement new wind placement strategies that protect the environment while weaning the world off of its addiction to fossil fuels.  

In America, the Cape Wind Project has earned its place in history as America’s first offshore wind farm to receive government approval. 

Once the Cape Wind Project is fully implemented, 130 wind turbines will generate 420 MW of electricity and will cover 24 square miles off the coast of Cape Cod in a place called Nantucket Sound. 

The ten year battle over permits for this project has given America the building blocks for a national offshore wind energy policy.

Over in Europe the news is even better. 

They have been building wind farms for well over a decade. 

Europe boasts over twenty-five operational wind farms off its coast.  

Nine countries have over thirty-nine offshore wind farms, with a wind energy generation capacity of over 2,063 megawatts of electricity, with fifty-two more projects already permitted, totaling more than 16,000 megawatts.

The European Union recently announced its goal to generate twenty percent of its energy from alternative energy sources by 2020.

The United Kingdom plans to have 6.6 GW of wind energy capacity from offshore wind projects by 2015.

The European Wind Energy Association has suggested consolidating permitting in an effort to increase efficiency. 

If there suggestion is implemented developers would follow the European Union's regulations, and not those of each individual country.

Despite the current dual layers of regulation, the European system is the most efficient and advanced in the world.

But Western nations are not the only competitors vying for global a wind energy leadership role.

Even China, who is one of the worst pollution ridden nations on the planet, is embracing their place in the modern wind energy generation. 

Wind energy is the fastest growing alternative energy market in China.

Over 20% of the nation is abundant with wind energy resources. 

Economists have made it clear to keep a close eye on China’s evolving wind power production, because they are expected to try and take a serious leadership role in the coming years.

No matter where you live wind energy is going to become a part of most people’s lives in the next few years. 

We can all be happy to say we live in such historical times. 

We are witnessing the evolution of the human species into an environmentally conscious and responsible creature. 

Together, we are building a foundation that our children will be able to be proud of. 

Main Sources for this Article:

 The "Journal of High Technology Law" and the "Journal of Sustainable Development"

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