Wind Energy Information: 7 Facts about Wind Energy

All across the United States, and the world, wind power is being used to help lower the price of electricity. 

From California to the Cape Cod on the eastern coast, there is a major shift towards alternative energy happening right now.

In the EU, the Eco community model is already underway, with over nine nations harnessing wind farm electricity. 

The EU may have a head start, but America is on the verge of an ecological evolution like never before seen in human history.

Consider this wind energy information, and amazing facts regarding this American ecological revolution:

  •           Alabama Power purchased its first wind energy contract in 2011.  After signing the contract, the state Public Service Commission noted that the “price of energy from wind facilities is expected to be lower than the cost the company would incur to produce that energy from its own resource… with the resulting energy savings flowing directly to the Company’s customers”


  •          During late 2011, Colorado approved a wind power purchase by Xcel Energy. The State Utilities Commission noted that “the contract will save rate payers 100 million dollars”


  •          In 2012, American Electric Power signed long term power purchase agreements for a total of 358 MW from wind projects in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas


  •          Between 2007 and 2011 wind power produced 35% of all new energy in the United States


  •          A 2012 study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concluded that it costs between 24 and 39 percent less to produce wind energy than it did in 2002


  •          According to the Wall Street analysis firm Bernstein Research, regions in the country that have seen large amounts of growth in wind energy use, have also seen serious declines in electricity prices


  •          Using the wind energy information available, the Southeast alone could save $23 billion by 2030 if it began investing in large wind power projects, and small wind turbine projects on the individual level

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