Wind Energy Information and Latest News

There have been some very exciting news coming out of the realm of wind energy information.

In a study conducted by Lawrance Livermore National Laboratory, the geophysical limits to global wind power were studied in detail.   

The researchers found that wind energy would cause no harm to the earth or her climate.

According to the lead author of the study, Kate Marvel:

"The future of wind energy is likely to be determined by economic, political, and technical constraints rather than geophysical limits.” 

In other words:

The only thing that is stopping the human species from evolving into a more ecologically literate and friendly society is money, government approval, and planning and distribution of large scale wind projects.   

During the study, Marvel collaborated with Ben Kravitz and Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology.

The group found that Earth-bound wind turbines could extract kinetic energy at a rate of at least 400 terawatts, while high-altitude wind power could extract more than 1,800 terawatts.

The Current total global power demand is about only about 18 terawatts!

Can we say unused energy potential?

Photovoltaic panels being used together with wind energy

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Turbines generate electricity by utilizing the power of the wind for homes and small businesses.  

They can be big or small. 

There are a number of unique designs that can be mounted on your roof. 

Or, you can have a small wind tower placed on your land.

The great thing about the wind industry is that there are many different wind energy companies competing with each over your business. 

This has brought about a number of innovative and creative designs to fit almost any budget and situation.  

Having the right wind energy information regarding turbines will help you in making the right decisions when choosing one for your home or business.  

Here is a list of basic facts about residential wind turbines:

  •          A typical American home would require a wind turbine with the capability of generating 5-kilowatts of electricity (though many home homeowners will use a small 1 kW turbine, and see a major reduction in regards to their energy bills.)
  •          The turbine will have a typically diameter of 18 ft., but can be much smaller
  •          The average height of a small wind turbine is 80 ft., but can be much smaller

  •          Payback period is between 3-30 years, depending on the size.
  •          Wind systems can cost between 4000 dollars (for a small 1 KW system) up to 350,000 dollars for a 100 KW system
  •          Building and zoning codes vary from place to place
  •          Professionals recommend sites to have at least an available wind speed of 12 mph
  •          Due to zoning issues, less than 1% of small wind turbines are used in urban areas
  •          These wind turbine systems can either be grid tied or off grid
  •          Small wind power systems last up to 20 years, and require annual maintenance checks

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