Wind Energy Jobs: The Evolution to a Green Society

The evolution into wind energy is creating a global need for employees to fill wind energy jobs.  

Jobs in wind energy cover a very broad collection of professions.  Jobs in wind can vary from wind turbine research and development to wind part factory workers. 

There are a number of places in the world where jobs in wind energy are available, but for right now it is a very small percentage of what it could be if more of the public put their support and investment into alternative energy production. 

The fossil fuel industry has kept a monopoly on human energy consumption for over a century.  

As it stands right now, around 80% of the world’s energy consumption comes from fossil fuels. 

Wind energy jobs are leading the alternative energy job market with factories, plants, farms, research facilities, and corporate offices in almost every nation on the planet.

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But with oil hitting dangerously high peaks, there is a global effort being made to phase out of nonrenewable energies, and wind energy is leading the pack. 

When you add on the fears being generated over global warming what you get is an ever more ecologically aware society, even if it is in evolutionary incremental steps.

Those small steps have huge implications for our future. 

Places like the eco communities sprouting up all over Europe are the building blocks to a better and sustainable future for humanity. 

All around the world there are thousands of operational Community Renewable Energy (CRE) projects creating wind energy jobs for the public.

In the UK, The Community Carbon Network identifies over 150 CRE projects that are creating jobs in wind energy. 

Denmark gives much of the credit to “community wind guilds” as one of the key factors for their wind industries’ incredible success.   

In Germany and Australia citizen wind farms and bio-energy plants are almost common place.

Germany boasts over 200 bio-energy plants!

Over in North America, farmers now own 20% of the installed wind turbines in the country, and many new plans for offshore wind farms are being ironed out.  

In the United States jobs in wind energy soared to over 45% in the last decade, creating many technical and manufacturing jobs.

The demand for employees to fill wind energy jobs is going to continue to grow as we get deeper into the 21st century. 

There are many technical schools in the united states that now offer  “green career” paths, such as designing wind turbines. 

These courses are preparing the next generation of “green workers” for the challenges of combating climate change and fossil fuel dependence by utilizing alternative energy in a way that is both safe for the environment and cost effective. 

Main Source for this Article: Academic Journal “Rural Society”

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