America’s Struggle to Implement Wind Energy Turbine Power

What are we  waiting for America?

Offshore wind energy turbine power still has not been implemented in the United States.  There have been serious proposals (at least they seemed serious). 

For example, the Cape Wind Project off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts is hailed as the most promising of attempts to implement offshore wind in America. 

But after over a decade, the project still has not been completed, and the mighty power of offshore wind energy is being wasted.

Due to legal hurdles regarding federal, state, and local laws, the project has faced extreme difficulty getting off the ground. 

In addition to the lengthy process of gaining government permits, the Cape Wind Project has faced serious law suits that have delayed the deployment for years.  

It’s hard to understand why it is such a struggle to implement offshore wind energy turbine power in America, especially when you consider these facts:

  •          The proposed site for the Cape Wind Project would be the largest in the world when it is built at 420 megawatts, and consist of 130 wind turbines
  •          The Cape Wind Project would produce on average 170 megawatts, which is almost 75% of the 230 megawatt average electricity demand for Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket
  •          On a clear day the turbines would appear one-half inch above the horizon
  •          Land-based wind farms do not offer the same benefits as offshore wind
  •          More than half of the United States population lives near the ocean, so offshore projects can reach more people
  •          Additionally, offshore winds are typically stronger and less turbulent than land-based winds, increasing the revenue potential which can offset the higher costs of installation and maintenance
  •          Offshore development is the next logical and necessary step in alternative energy technology
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However, while America takes its sweet time harnessing offshore wind power, Europe has taken a proactive leadership role in the alternative energy revolution. 

At last check, nine European nations had implemented offshore wind energy turbine power, which equals out to 25 offshore wind farms.

So, what does Europe have that America doesn’t?

What America lacks, and Europe does not, is a comprehensive offshore wind energy policy. 

Hopefully, once the Cape Wind project is completed, America will be able to use the decade old struggle to iron out some proper alternative energy regulations to help stream line the process. 

And, then take a strong leadership role, and give Europe a run for her money as the world’s leader in offshore wind energy turbine power.

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Main Source For this Article: The Journal of High Technology Law

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