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Three New England utilities have joined forces to purchase wind energy at a new low rate of $0.08 per KWh.  This easily beats the competition, with $0.09 for hydro, $0.10 for dirty ole coal, $0.11 for dangerous Nuclear, and $0.14 for clean solar energy.

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The offshore wind energy corporation community has a new leader!  Samsung Heavy Industries launched its wind energy company, which is unmatched by its closest competitors.  They have an operational and technological sophistication that is unparalleled.

Samsung has long been a leader in shipbuilding, and was able to adapt that expertise to create new wind energy blade technology, new motors, and control systems.

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Come read about wind power, and how it can help you and your home!

Wind is all around us, so stop wasting it!

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What is Wind Energy?

Curious about who the big players are in the wind industry?

Your wish is our command, here are the top innovators in the wind industry!

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Innovative Wind Companies!

Be a proud member of Generation Wind!

All over the planet, wind power is being adopted to meet local electric needs. 

This has spawned what some are calling The Wind Energy Generation!

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Generation Wind!

Looking for a job in the wind industry?

Great! Because its the best time to be looking...

Rural America is creating wind jobs at an exciting pace!

Come read about all the job opportunities that exists, and how to get ready for your green energy career!

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Wind Jobs!


Jobs In Wind!

The history of wind power is the story of the human race trying to harness the natural power around us!

Ever since antiquity we have been using wind power to improve our lives!

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The history of Wind Power!

What impact does wind power have on the environment?

The answer is promising!

Read and find out why wind is a earth friendly alternative!

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Environmental Impact of Wind Power

What is stopping America from implemented offshore wind?

Bureaucratic nonsense, naysayers, and no federal energy guidelines are just some of the hurdles America is currently trying to overcome, so she can catch up with Europe!

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Offshore Wind: America's StruggleTo Keep Up!

Solar and Wind go great together!

By using both you can really help the environment and yourself!

Find out why and how to implement these two Eco technologies for yourself!

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Solar and Wind: A Combo For the Future!

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