Wind Power Alternative Energy and the Environment

Wind power alternative energy is a relatively environmentally safe method of producing electricity.  Compared to coal production, and nuclear power, the few environmental drawbacks to wind energy are negligible.   

There are many wind energy advantages, such as the fact that wind power produces zero air pollution and consumes no fuel.  

Wind Power For Dummies

However, there are some environmental concerns that come up during the manufacturing of the parts that are needed to make wind power a reality. 

Such as the use of rare earth minerals in the construction of magnets needed in the manufacturing of wind turbines. 

But, the good news is most wind energy companies are starting to phase out rare earth minerals in the construction of their parts.  Unlike the coal and oil industries, the wind industry is very earth friendly. 

Land Use and Wind Power Alternative Energy

Again, wind energy advantages overshadow the disadvantages. The impact wind energy has on the earth is hardly noticeable.

For example, most land that wind farms are built on was already cleared a long time ago for things like planting of crops, or livestock grazing. 

However, for coal to be produced entire mountain tops have to be destroyed.  Not to mention, if a wind farm is shut down, the land will be returned to its original condition. 

Can coal say that about the mountain tops? I think not.

Another cool thing about wind farms is that those plants or cows can still be active around the wind towers.  Farmers can still grow wheat, corn, or whatever else they may be growing (let’s hope it is organic), or allow their cows to graze around the towers.

The cows could care less! In fact, most wind farmers that also have cows will tell you: those cows will “graze right up to the base of wind turbines and often use them as rubbing posts or for shade. “

Wind Power Alternative Energy and Wild Life

Although the cows may have no problem with wind power alternative energy turbines, there are other life forms that must be considered. 

So, all wind farm proposals go through routine assessments to determine what kind of impact the planned wind farm will have on the local environment. 

If it is found that the installation of a wind farm will affect the local habitation negatively, the plan will be revised to protect the environment. 

Like I said above, the wind industry is earth friendly.

Projects such as the Black Law Wind Farm have received a lot of high praise for its contribution to keeping the environment safe. 

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds describes the project as “both improving the landscape of a derelict opencast mining site and also benefiting a range of wildlife in the area.” 

A research coalition of universities, industry, and government, supported by the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, suggests modeling the patterns of migratory and residential wildlife with respect to geographic features and weather to provide a basis for science-based decisions about where to place new wind projects. 

The coalition suggests:

  •          Use existing data on migratory and other movements of wildlife to develop predictive models of risk
  •          Use new and emerging technologies, including radar, acoustics, and thermal imaging to fill gaps in knowledge of wild life movements
  • Identify specific species or sets of species most at risk in areas of high potential wind resources

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